Thinking of Applying?

We think everyone would probably benefit from a little more mindfulness in their lives. Whether you are a complete beginner, have tried meditation before, have a history of clinical anxiety or depression, or would just like to manage stress a bit better, we would love to chat with you about whether some of our upcoming events would be right for you.


Course Sessions

The most helpful attitude you can bring to a full eight week Mindfulness course is one of ‘giving it a go’ with an open mind, and seeing what happens. Commitment to attending each class, the all day session, and home practice is essential, so please think through this carefully before applying for a place. Each session is two hours long and has an overall theme e.g. Getting Off Automatic Pilot, Managing Stress etc. We typically start with a longer Mindfulness practice lasting around 40 mins, followed by a discussion about our experiences of it. During the second half of the class, time is given to discuss how home practice over the week has gone. Based on the theme for the session, we then complete various shorter exercises to think about how these principles can be used in very practical ways in our day to day life.  Apart from perhaps saying your first name in week one, it is up to you how much you contribute to the wider group discussions.

The silent all day session during week six is a chance to really sink into practice without the distraction of talking. We will go through all of the main exercises on the course, as well as some additional ones, and can enjoy a Mindful Lunch. This will be a larger group with previous course graduates invited to this session.

Home Practice is a huge part of the course. We ask participants to factor in around one hour, every day, for eight weeks in order to get the very most out of the course. This comprises of one longer ‘formal’ practice lasting approx 35-40 mins, and a collection of shorter exercises e.g. doing a routine activity mindfully, writing down experiences of pleasant and unpleasant events etc. All in all, this roughly adds up to one hour every day. Any long-lasting benefit you will get from doing the course will come from your ability to commit to home practice. If you are unable to commit to home practice, there is little point in doing the course.

All participants are given a comprehensive workbook which provides additional instructions and material for each week, and audio recordings of all the practices.

Is this Course for me?

Research suggests it is best to complete an eight week Mindfulness course when day to day life around you is fairly stable. If you’ve had a life changing event (e.g. a bereavement, separation, redundancy) it is generally advised to wait around six months until starting a course. It’s also not advisable to start a course if you know a big change is about to happen (e.g. moving house, starting a new job). We run courses throughout the year, and would rather you wait for a few months until settle down so you can get the most out of your experience.

If you are currently experiencing an episode of acute clinical depression or anxiety, it might be best to complete a treatment for this prior to taking the course. Rachael would be very happy to advise if you are unsure if starting Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course is right for you at the moment. If you would like to apply for a place on an upcoming MBSR course, you can fill in an application