Workplace Events

Developing Mindfulness in Your Organisation

Many leading organisational institutions and businesses such as the Harvard Business School and Google are developing mindfulness in their organisations and seeing not only more effective outcomes, but also a more ethical style of leadership.

Rachael has provided training and seminars to a wide range of organisations and community groups about Mindfulness, as well as Mental Health, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Facilitating Groups. If you would like to discuss organising a one off event, or planning a full eight week Mindfulness course for your  group or organisation, please email

“Rachael provided an open, non-judgemental space in the workshop. This made it feel really easy to feedback how I found the different exercises without feeling silly and self-critical.” NHS Employee

“Your style was perfect for the group and it was clear that they all felt very comfortable with you. 
Thank you so very much for giving us your time and your incredible expertise. I for one will never be able to eat a Hero in a mindful-less way again!”  Candice Woolfson Programme Director – School of Confidence